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Moving forward, what role should dockless mobility play in Austin?

City of Austin : City Council, District 1

We are against dockless mobility (in its current iteration), because it puts people out of work. The more we seek …

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Lewis Conway Jr.

I think one of Austin’s greatest transportation priority should be to shift mode share away from single-occupant vehicle trips in …

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Mariana Salazar

Dockless mobility is valuable, especially as a method of reducing short trips and first mile-last mile connections between transit and …

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Natasha Harper-Madison

Dockless mobility options should be part of the transportation system we want for the 21st century. The ability to ride …

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Vincent Harding

City of Austin : City Council, District 3

I’m not sure; dockless is still relatively new for Austin, and I’d like to watch the innovationmodel play out for …

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Amit Motwani

In District 3, you only need to drive to the corner to see dockless mobility in use. It’s clear it’s …

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Jessica Cohen

It’s a critical solution to figuring out the first and final mile solutions for how we get people from their …

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Justin Jacobson

City of Austin : City Council, District 5

Dockless bikes and scooters offer another opportunity for people to move around without requiring an automobile. This experiment potentially offers …

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Ann Kitchen

City of Austin : City Council, District 8

The City needs to be more flexible with regard to technological solutions. While I do not see electric scooters as …

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Bobby Levinski

I do believe in bikes and scooters as mobility options (I use scooters and have even considered using one to …

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Paige Ellis

As we continue to pursue alternatives to our transit challenges and lessen our reliance on automobiles we need innovative options …

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Rich DePalma

City of Austin : City Council, District 9

Dockless mobility provides a real opportunity to increase the number of people who forgo driving their cars for short trips. …

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Danielle Skidmore

Dockless mobility holds a lot of promise as a “first-mile/last-mile solution” that helps people get to and from public transit …

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Kathie Tovo

Dockless mobility is not the answer, but should not be limited.  It at least is ADDRESSING the issue of mobility.  …

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Linda O’Neal

City of Austin : Mayor

The dockless mobility sphere is one that is rapidly evolving, both in terms of its technology and its use of, …

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Laura Morrison

Dockless mobility is a critical component for last mile solutions moving forward. We ought to carefully craft rules base on …

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Steve Adler

Moving forward I believe that dockless mobility should provide as big a role in Austin as the market will allow. …

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Todd Phelps

Scooters (and the like) are great as long as they do not interfere with pedestrian access, and when we have …

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Travis Duncan