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Moving forward, what role should dockless mobility play in Austin?

The dockless mobility sphere is one that is rapidly evolving, both in terms of its technology and its use of, and acceptance by, the public. In theory, dockless mobility devices can reduce vehicular traffic and the emissions that contribute to climate change – clearly a good thing. On the down side, we have seen dockless devices blocking public sidewalks and impeding wheelchair users, as well as an uptick in injuries, especially those related to motorized scooters.

As a city, our interest is in fostering the positive aspects of these new devices, while developing reasonable regulations to ensure their use does not endanger the users or others around them. As technology evolves, our regulations will naturally need to evolve as well.

I believe the City should handle emerging technologies and markets in the same way it should handle all public business, with full transparency and a decision-making process that includes the voices of all stakeholders and that fully considers all relevant facts, including the experience of other jurisdictions, and does not rely solely on PR presentations by those with a financial interest in the subject.