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Moving forward, what role should dockless mobility play in Austin?

Scooters (and the like) are great as long as they do not interfere with pedestrian access, and when we have adequate safety measures and awareness around their function. This is why multi-level and sectioned off, dedicated roadways for each type of traffic, with constant flow design will optimize our transit in town. We can walk, ride, drive, train, shuttle in a dedicated, smoothly flowing fashion without danger of clashing with another modality in the whole system. Imagine it like building a network of interweaving tubes or pipes that carry a specific type of ingredient in a recipe: every tube can eventually make it to the dish, but each has its own best way of moving and getting there. The reason this is important with the scooters and all modes is that our current model shows how much of a failure traffic lights and shared roads are for every aspect of travel. We simply are bumping into each other too often on different frequencies, causing dissonance in the whole system. It’s time to rethink how we get around and allow for Every type of mode to thrive.