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Moving forward, what role should dockless mobility play in Austin?

Mariana Salazar

City Council, District 1

  • I think one of Austin’s greatest transportation priority should be to shift mode share away from single-occupant vehicle trips in accordance with our values and goals on climate change, affordability, and having a compact and connected city. To that end, dockless mobility can serve to eliminate short trips under a few miles and can significantly help to solve the first/last mile issue with public transportation.
  • By reducing the physical difficulty of accessing transit stops for able-bodied people, dockless mobility options can lead to increased CapMetro ridership and fewer car trips in the congested urban core.
  • I look forward to hearing the feedback the City recently collected from residents to come up with updated dockless mobility regulations in the fall. I will use such feedback to inform my understanding moving forward, including the measures to address accessibility, littering and safety concerns.
  • For dockless mobility to achieve it’s full potential, we should be looking at ways for integrating it with public transit. We also need to be providing safe infrastructure such as protected bike lanes to bike and scoot.
  • I recognize that dockless mobility may not benefit families, children, older people or persons with handicaps, so we should keep that in mind when making investments.