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Moving forward, what role should dockless mobility play in Austin?

Rich DePalma

City Council, District 8

As we continue to pursue alternatives to our transit challenges and lessen our reliance on automobiles we need innovative options for “first/last mile” solutions which dockless mobility provides.

First and foremost, the rapid influx of dockless scooters should be a signal that innovators and entrepreneurship will solve difficult challenges and we can either proactively work with them to accommodate and acquire new innovation or technology for the benefit of our city, or reactive to innovation that may develop without our knowledge or involvement, leading to grey markets and lack of governance.

I do believe that regulation regarding parking, storage, and safety must be reviewed and enforced so that all of our transit modalities may coexist and be one of the reasons people and business love downtown Austin, not avoid it. Making sure our sidewalks are open and accessible for our community members who are disabled is a must.