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How do you plan to accommodate low-income neighborhoods who need alternative transportation methods?

City of Austin : City Council, District 1

A main tenet of my campaign is equity. We need to ensure that we are investing in public transit for …

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Vincent Harding

I would encourage comprehensive public/private partnerships to offer vouchers and bus passes to low income riders and students. Some of …

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Natasha Harper-Madison

City of Austin : City Council, District 3

Eliminate Capital Metro Bus fares. If elimination is not accepted, then ensure that the elderly and disable ride for free. …

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Susana Almanza

First, let’s listen to those folks and follow the data to meet their needs. This is an area where we …

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Justin Jacobson

City of Austin : City Council, District 9

Capital Metro needs to serve neighborhoods that are on the edges of the city. We need rider friendly service, which …

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Linda O’Neal

The quality of life for workers in Austin has diminished as our city becomes less and less affordable. Workers are …

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Danielle Skidmore

City of Austin : Mayor

All of our transportation solutions need to be all-encompassing, and the key to serving all people equitably will be in …

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Travis Duncan

First, as noted above, I will ensure that transportation planning efforts address displacement of low-income and working families near new …

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Laura Morrison