How do you plan to accommodate low-income neighborhoods who need alternative transportation methods?

All of our transportation solutions need to be all-encompassing, and the key to serving all people equitably will be in our ability to rapidly complete projects. This Acceleration of Completing Transportation Infrastructure Projects will cut the construction time dramatically, so we can move from project to project without being delayed by corrupt and fraudulent contracts with ineffective building methods. It’s worth noting that across every neighborhood of this city, people have been waiting and waiting for DECADES for simple things like bike lanes, ADA compliant sidewalks and park access, and simple turn lanes at busy intersections. We don’t have the time to keep twiddling our thumbs. We need to get to work.
THE SOLUTION: Incentivized Volunteer Contributionism – Simply, we have tools, either through elimination of utility costs, tax exemptions, or any other relevant and consensus-reached benefit, to incentivize a group of people in our city to become the Greater Good Coalition of Valued Leaders in Our Community. These are people who will be given dignity, respect, and public recognition for their contributions, who will help us for ALL sorts of activities that benefit the community. In a city of roughly 1,000,000 people, we will easily find 10,000 people (0.01%of population) who want to get free utilities somehow. If each one of these people only donates 3 hours of their time per week, we could have 1,428 people volunteering each day, which breaks down to 285 people contributing each hour, if we work from 6am to 9pm. Of course we can configure this however is relevant to the task at hand. For example, if an area of road needed to be built, these 10,000 people will be organized into micro-teams, who specialize in micro-tasks, who meet over the course of 12-14 weeks (1 day a week) to learn safety, procedure, and master that one tiny little job. They will master this job. Then, once the time comes for construction, once every team is ready, every team will go in order of their task, and carry it out effectively. When 10,000 people descend on a project in a very organized manner, it will get done much quicker, and with much more community heart. We have the ability to achieve much more through cooperation and abundant mindset. Imagine the economic benefit we receive by completing a major intersection project in 2 weeks, verses 2 years.
Aside: This is very important. This alone should get every person in Austin to vote for me. Frankly, there are a lot of very confused people in this city who need a wake up call. The city has FAILED and they displayed no regard for common sense or truly working for the people. Let’s not get it twisted folks. This is a game to them, not to me. I am actually here because I want people to be FREE. It’s a major bummer to live in a world where people are basically enslaved to a wage clock and where everyone drives around in our polluting cars stressed out eating our polluted food trying to make a buck to pay to live in our polluted homes only to wind up 40 years later still in debt and sick in a polluted hospital….All because we can’t seem to vote for the right people….