Describe your business background or experience and how that will that impact your ability to serve as Council Member/Mayor?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

I started my first business at the age of 19 at the behest of a very involved mentor and educator who told me, “Find
something you’re good at that people will pay you money to do- and do it well.” It was a housekeeping company. At
any given time in the 5 years of operation we had between 2-15 independently contracted persons helping to do the
work. I transitioned into private residential service for 5+ years before venturing into entrepreneurship again. That
business, EcoChic Floral a sustainability in floriculture business, rolled into The Floral Engagement- another
sustainable floriculture business and Natasha Madison Consultants- a small biz development consulting firm. After
my 2014 late stage breast cancer diagnosis my focus shifted to Community Advocacy and Civics with Take5ToVote
and East Austin Advocates. The impact of what I’ll bring to council influenced by every venture are the skills I
acquired including but certainly not limited to:
● Business Development & Management
● Recruitment & Retention
● Customer care
● Financial projections
● Outreach & Partnership management
● Resource management
● Creative problem solving
● Contract negotiations
My current efforts are advocacy and civics leaning. I’m uniquely qualified to bring real community care to council
which will translate into constituent care. My commitment to civics for all will definitely bring a diverse demographic to municipal politics, all abilities, socioeconomic stations, races, genders and ages.