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In 2013, the City of Austin launched its bike share program, Austin B-cycle, with a $1.5 million federal grant matched with $500,000 in private donations. Since its launch, the program has set national records for bike share systems, and has been financially self-sufficient in its operations. But the program faces ongoing challenges as it strives to maintain an efficient, equitable system in a rapidly evolving market. As a Council member, will you support additional funding mechanisms, from the City of Austin or other local, state or federal sources, to grow Austin’s B-cycle system?

City of Austin : City Council, District 1

What I can commit to is looking comprehensively and holistically at fostering alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles, the current dominant mode …

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Natasha Harper-Madison

City of Austin : City Council, District 3

Yes. The B-cycle system represents far more than just a city commitment to bicycles as an integral component of our …

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Amit Motwani