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What measures will you take to ensure that seniors do not face barriers to exercising their right to vote? If an incumbent, what steps have you taken to remove barriers to seniors’ voting?

I have not seen the city do anything to establish any sort of resemblance of full voting rights. Our elected officials all across the board have a shameful record on this matter, almost so bad it seems like they don’t want people voting at all…
I vow to make Election Day a Paid Holiday, to give Free public transit during Early Voting and election day, institute mass voter-education programs across the city throughout the primary seasons and the general election, go out into the community and establish more polling locations, as well as develop an additional option for increased mail-in ballots, a secure mobile-phone voting application, full-sovereignty consensus and any other innovative ways to increase the amount we listen, how smart we listen, and how we effectively we adapt to the exact and nuanced needs of the people.
This is just one aspect of what we call a Radical Awakening in Civic Engagement.
I believe we can reach 100% voter participation by 2020.