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Parkland dedication fees are one mechanism by which the city funds park acquisition and improvements. What is your stance on parkland dedication fees, and are you in favor of maintaining them during the Land Development Code updating process?

Mariana Salazar

City Council, District 1

I would like to do more research on the fee process and ordinance. From
what I understand, there are some issues with the current Parkland
Dedication Ordinance and I would like learn more from key stakeholders,
like Austin Parks Foundation, about what can be done to improve this
process in the future land development code updating process.

In general, I feel it is important to consider taxes and fees from the
perspective of maintaining necessary revenue for the City of Austin to
operate, while also considering the larger impacts of these taxes and fees
to community members, key city partner organizations, and other
stakeholders. We must search for a balance between maintaining a
sustainable city budget and ensuring we are not creating overly
burdensome ordinances that prohibit growth and improvement in our city.