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In February, Austin became the first city in the south to guarantee its workers paid sick days. What are the next changes you would push for to further expand the rights of the working class?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

While I’m supportive of the city’s move to guarantee it’s workers paid sick days, I’m certain we can and absolutely must do more to guarantee that our workers have equity and opportunity to thrive. Time off to rest when you’re sick is often only a fraction of the need, additionally I would push to ensure: Access to high quality, accessible, affordable, dignified healthcare. Affordable workforce housing, in all parts of the city. Affordable, reliable, safe and healthy childcare options. Access to and incentivization of civic engagement, including paid time off for voting, transportation to voting and city sponsored voter information clinics. From the inception of labor unions and workers rights movements in the US, the goals have included honest, dignified, fairly compensated labor, equality and a just society where the rights and needs of the working class are equivalent to that of the wealthy class.