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Austin DSA has come out in favor of a $300 Million Affordable Housing bond to help combat displacement- do you support this bond proposal? Additionally, what other measures would you take as a council member to help promote affordability and housing Access?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

I am in absolute support of this bond proposal. Additionally I am a strong proponent for programs that create affordable and supportive housing for lower income families, individuals with different abilities and elderly Austin residents. There are several ways I propose to help promote these initiatives, including but not limited to: community land trusts, expansion of affordability programs for historic and first time home owners, assure that all eligible homeowners take their rightful homestead tax exemptions, assertive appraisal reform to end double and triple appraisal increases, reform permitting, inspection and approval processes and work to increase and protect current homestead preservation districts as well as dramatically increase the fee in lieu costs to developers to ensure all means are taken to increase affordability in new development projects.