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Austin is one of the worst cities in the nation in terms of police accountability and violence against residents. What will you do on City Council to fight against the police state in which we currently live?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

As a council person it will be a priority to create a less contentious relationship between citizens and APD. It would not be my public position to seek to “fight” our PD as much as it is to collaborate and create measures of accountability, increased time in specific training modules that would address disparities and transparency and an intentional effort to diversify the department both from a race and gender perspective. Additionally I would look to create an environment of oversight that includes the ability of Austin residents to anonymously report impropriety and increase the ability of the Office of the Police Monitor to intervene and carefully consider details and recommend punitive action in cases of misconduct. It would also be my intention to work alongside APD and community advocacy and activist organization to build out substantive programs to increase the reach of community policing initiatives.