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What steps would you take if elected to protect undocumented residents by directing our local police to not cooperate with ICE in raids, access to public schools, courthouses or other public buildings to the extent possible by law? Also would you commit to vote against measures to promote any form of cooperation with ICE such as 287g?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

The issue of immigration is complicated, however humans being being treated with dignity, equity, fairness and respect aligns with basic humane values. If elected I believe the best way to protect undocumented residents would be through robust collaboration and coalition building with fellow council members, the mayor, the city manager, the activist community, for and non-profit organizations who specifically work towards equitable systems and human rights. Entering public schools or other public buildings should never be a consideration for ICE agents and their surrogates. Forms of cooperation such as 287(g) are discretionary from my understanding and are an impediment to Austin’s ability to be a just, compassionate and fair city, values we claim are important to us. I would commit to vote against any measure that promoted human rights violations associated with their practice, as well as a financially unsound model for our municipality to accommodate.