Austin’s Bicycle Master Plan has spurred the development of hundreds of miles of bike lanes and street safety improvements throughout the city. These improvements have calmed traffic and created an affordable, healthy transportation option for Austinites. Do you support the full funding and implementation of Austin’s Bicycle Master Plan?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

Of course I support fully funding and implementing the Bicycle Master Plan! The Bicycle and Urban Trails Master plans work together to accomplish two critical goals to getting our city truly bicycle-friendly: 1) they create a fully city-wide network to make most trips feasible by bicycle and get people out of their cars, which not only creates healthy lifestyles and combats climate change, but also helps everyone who still wants to drive by reducing traffic congestion; and 2) by maximizing the miles of protected and separated routes, they create the perceived safety that research has shown to be the tipping point for individuals in deciding whether to become cyclists at all or to increase their cycling. Both master plans are an important part of making Austin a healthier, less-polluting, and less-congested city.