In the face of climate change, congestion, and other problems associated with cars, a growing number of cities have been eliminating parking requirements for new development. Would you support eliminating parking requirements West Campus, South Central Waterfront, and Transit Oriented Developments, and stepping up the management of on-street parking in & around those areas as needed?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

This a decision that needs to be made with evidence, but the evidence is in. West Campus has a clear surplus of parking because we as a city are requiring them to build it. The explosion of cycling and walking in West Campus has been magnificent and we need to stop requiring people to pay for parking spaces they have no use for if they will sit empty every day. The Downtown zoning district shows that developers will build parking as-needed, even if we don’t require them to. Parking requirements are really about making sure there is adequate parking on the street, but in a place like downtown, West Campus, or the Waterfront, that isn’t a concern and we should not have required parking that does nothing but drive up the cost of housing. Similarly, we shouldn’t have parking required *for* Transit Oriented Developments, but we should be mindful when they are in neighborhoods surrounded by more house-scale residences, and look to solutions that might include residential parking permits to make sure we’re not just pushing parking from the transit-oriented developments into surrounding neighborhoods.