District 1: The 2016 Mobility Bond included funds for evaluation of the Northern Walnut Creek Trail Phase 3, which would connect the end of the Northern Walnut Creek Trail to the Southern Walnut Creek Trail. Assuming the project proves feasible, would you work to identify and secure funding for design and construction of this trail?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

There is a persistent and – frankly – racist myth that people of color don’t bike. This is old thinking in more ways than one. As we make cycling a truly viable alternative mode of transportation for more people and not just recreation, we will see more cyclists of every color. That said, we need to be focusing more resources on developing recreation opportunities – especially healthy recreation like cycling – for people on the east side. The Walnut Creek link is a wonderful vision that would provide both recreational and practical transportation opportunities for the people of District 1, and I fully support it, and that includes $$$.