Are there other potential changes to the Land Development Code that you would support in order to promote cycling, walking, and transit?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

Generally, I am pro-housing, especially in a time when our scarcity of housing is driving prices up into ranges that few Austinites can afford. The Land Development Code is a complex and far-reaching piece of policy, and it doesn’t help anyone to treat it without nuance. That said, I support making sure our commercial corridors have the kind of streetscape, sidewalk, and tree/shade requirements to foster a healthy streetlife and positive pedestrian experience. I also acknowledge and support the wealth of research that shows that you need certain levels of density on transit corridors to make them fiscally feasible. I support changes that make it easier for people to live closer to where they work so not everyone has to get in a car and drive on I-35 or Mopac just to make a living. And I support changes to help slow gentrification and the McMansion-ization of Austin that is driving displacement. I support changes to our Code that make all these things possible.