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Millennials are projected to become the largest population of eligible voters yet many cite low millennial voter turnout as an obstacle faced by the Democratic Party. How have you as a candidate reached out to millennial voters to encourage more youth voter participation?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

I am entirely committed to increasing active, engaged and informed participation in young people, beginning well before voting age especially.

  • When preparing our turf for field outreach we are intentional about including the millenial age group in our identification criteria for eligible voters in the district.
  • I participated in the Texas Civic Ambassadors program, produced by the Annette Strauss Institute, as a civics leader, speaker and mentor. This program designed to increase civic engagement in college students offered me the opportunity to engage with young civic leaders by telling my story and facilitating small group discussions on a rotation as to address all 40+ participants.
  • As a Volunteer Deputy Registrar, I have personally been registering young people individually and at events such as The State of the Uterus by Boss Babes, the Queer Dance Freakout by Activate Austin, Bars for Ballots, etc.
  • With an initiative called Take5ToVote I work with voters of all ages, though specific attention is placed on first time voters who generally are young or are generally underrepresented communities. This initiative, made up of a series of voter information clinics is intended to equip voters to enter the ballot box informed about the candidates, the offices and the process.

With an initiative called CivShop ATX I work with other civics enthusiasts to engage 19-29 years olds in civics in practice, participation and in preparation for future professional pursuits.