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(for City Council/Mayor) As an organization, we stand in solidarity with the community organizations that proposed a clear list of reforms that were then entirely ignored, except for one in the last proposed police contract. Will you commit to sitting down with organizations like Austin Justice Coalition and Black Lives Matter to pledge your support for true reform within the Austin Police Department and the next police contract?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

An equity focused Austin is paramount to our integrity as a city. I would absolutely continue to work with social justice and equity focused organizations to ensure we address disparities in police reform and beyond. As a former executive planning member of the organization I feel certain that my relationship with AJC will be beneficial in collaborative efforts moving forward. The data is clear to support the need for added accountability and oversight in the deployment of law enforcement into our communities. That said- I feel equally committed to negotiations that fairly represent the interest of the first responders who protect and serve with honor and integrity.