What’s your favorite park in Austin? Why?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

My favorite park in Austin is Dottie Jordan park, although I have at least 3
close runners up (Givens, Pease, Zilker). Primarily my attachment to the
park is tied to my family’s history of visiting several times weekly for
decades, especially on Sundays when the neighborhood congregates for
family gatherings and fun. I also have had amazing community connections
and excitement by watching basketball games played by folks, young and
more seasoned, from the area.

I love that the pool and grounds are well maintained, as well as the great
shaded areas within the park. It’s minutes away from my home and I can
easily access it by bike or bus- which is fantastic for me! My children love
the playgrounds. I love to sit in one of the swings facing the amazing
treeline at the rear of the park and watch them play. I also love the shade
that the massive canopy of trees overhead provides.