Ensuring equitable access to quality parks for all Austinites is a key priority for Austin Parks Foundation. How might you work as a decision-maker for both your district and the city as a whole to move the needle on equitable access to quality parks?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

This is a great question and is of the utmost importance to me, I especially
appreciate the emphasis on “quality” parks. Equitable access to parks,
green spaces, trails, pools, etc is a quality of life issue that can not be
ignored. I would work for my district by increasing community events and
team sports, etc, that promote visitation from ALL types of residents to the
parks we currently have across D1 as well as propose plans for
partnerships to create more parks in areas of need. As a decision maker for
Austin, I will work tirelessly to champion the efforts of organizations whose
missions increase access, availability and quality amenities for parks, pools
and other open/green spaces. As an anecdote I want to share that as a kid
in poverty in Austin, that our singular opportunity to explore and live freely
was in parks! This was also, entirely inadvertently my formative opportunity
to play with kids who didn’t look or sound like me- intentional community
building at it’s finest.