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Do you consider parks an important community asset? Why?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

Absolutely! Anecdotally, as a kid parks were a place of solace, tranquility,
joy and imagination. As a kid who existed in poverty, parks were a place
where the absence of wealth for my family was of no importance because
they were free. As a teen and young adult this continued to ring true. As a
mother of four- amazingly this free, accessible, fun resource continues to
be a beacon of recreation, enjoyment and connection for my family and
extending into our community. Parks are a place where neighbors come
together, a place where all are welcome and worries are suspended. The
importance of the diversity represented at parks, both by way of economics
and race, is nearly immeasurable. From a health and wellness (both
physical and mental) perspective, people NEED the ability to enjoy open,
green spaces. We need the ability to breath fresh air, exercise, gaze upon
natural beauty and experience the freedom of one of the only judgement
free zones a city can provide its residents. Not only are parks free, they
represent freedom- there’s nothing more inherently necessary for the
human existence than freedom.