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Which bond Propositions on the November 2018 ballot do you support or not support? Check each that you support. Briefly explain your position.

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

Prop A

Prop B

Prop C

Prop E

Prop F

Prop G

Prop I

I fully support this proposition to boldly address affordable housing in Austin. We need to work with the affordable housing community to find the best ways to get the most deeply affordable units with the $250 million allotted in the bond. Props B-G all provided critical services our city needs. Prop H I support a reasonable removal process, I am currently unable to support this proposition given the lack of certainty as to what the process is exactly. Prop I- To my understanding this proposition is a simple matter of grammatical revisions. I support. Prop J- While I understand the concept of having a comprehensive vote on the LDC, I am concerned that the waiting period will have unintended consequences of delaying our ability to get necessary changes to the LDC . Prop K- Oppose. While I’m a fan of making sure that the city’s budget is well-spent, the independent auditor’s office is more than capable of doing an efficiency audit without requiring a vote. I look forward to working with the auditor’s office and the city manager to make sure that city services are delivered to our residents in a timely and efficient manner.