The Asian American Resource Center (AARC) opened in 2013, thanks to the vision and hard work of the city and Asian American community leaders. Its charter is to promote cultural enrichment, provide social services and expand educational development for the entire community in the city and county. The Asian American community has worked with city management in developing culturally significant programs at the AARC and together, we have made AARC the most sought after city-owned facility in Austin. We are now re-starting our work to update the Master Plan on Phases II and III. The City has also completed a task force (Bond Election Advisory Task Force) that has recommended some funds for this effort: but it is not deemed to be sufficient. Do you commit to work with the Asian American community to include requested funds in the 2018 bond and to promote further the development of the AARC?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

Absolutely yes, I am committed to furthering the local dialogue and substantial efforts to support
Austin being a leader in diversity.