Council adopted the Strategic Housing Blueprint last year, calling for 135,000 new unts over 10 years. This gets us to break even in terms of need. What will you do to mitigate housing affordability? Would you support amending the City's approved Strategic Housing Blueprint to approve the construction of at least 15,000 housing units per year for 10 years, with at least 25% affordable housing for households at 80% Median Family Income (MFI) and below, including 200 Housing First Permanent Supportive Housing units per year; and 25% “missing middle”/workforce housing at 140% MFI.?

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

Our City does a lot to prevent new housing from being constructed both through regulations, as well as
creating significant hurdles throughout the development process. I think we first need to address the
existing problems within the development process and across City departments. In addition, I want to
examine the Land Development Code and other regulations for improvements, as well as providing more
density along the corridors.