Do you support or oppose the independent, third-party efficiency and budget audit of the entire City Government, including the public utilities, on the November 2018 ballot? Briefly explain your position.

Natasha Harper-Madison

City Council, District 1

Oppose. While I’m a fan of making sure that the city’s budget is well-spent, the independent auditor’s
office is more than capable of doing an efficiency audit without requiring a vote. I look forward to
working with the auditor’s office and the city manager to make sure that city services are delivered to our
residents in a timely and efficient manner. I understand how important that is.

Unfortunately, the language of the audit is unclear about who will conduct the audit, what their
qualifications are, how efficiency is measured, how much it will cost, the timeline, and how city workers
can be protected.

In short, while I welcome the spirit of the proposal, the particular ballot proposition is something I can’t