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What measures will you take to ensure that seniors do not face barriers to exercising their right to vote? If an incumbent, what steps have you taken to remove barriers to seniors’ voting?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

After reaching out to seniors to see what other suggestions they may have (i have no feedback on this particular matter, yet), I’d suggest, again using a service navigation support line to support and guide seniors through issues like:

  • voter registration
  • identifying districts/precincts/polling places
  • assistance in early/absentee voting/ID verification or other polling documents
  • coordination with polling places to ensure comfortable and accessible facilities for seniors in the event of long wait times
  • transportation support (e.g. free/low cost rides to vote)

Most of these services already exist, but it’s the human-centered (what works best for seniors?) coordination of them  that might require a small investment that could have dramatically high yield in improving quality of life and social and civic engagement in the promise of Austin that we all deserve.