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Will you pledge to immediately reconvene the Charter Revision Commission to revisit its recommendations and to discuss how to ensure its most important recommendations are placed on the next available city ballot? (Note: This helpful article in the Austin Bullldog explains how Council inaction put the kibosh on major reforms that should have been on the November ballot. The most egregious omission to us at IndyAustin was Recommendation 4 – which would close a loophole currently preventing petitions to repeal controversial Council decisions like the Precourt Soccer Stadium or the 2008 $2.3B biomass boondoggle – aka Voter Referendum. Read our Referendum page here.) Rate your support on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most support and 1 being the least.

City of Austin : City Council, District 1

Rate your support: 10

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Mitrah Elizabeth Avini

I am in full agreement with Fred Lewis. Democracy Dollars—Provide public campaign financing through Democracy Dollars. Developing this recommendation involved …

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Lewis Conway Jr.

Rating:  2 Candidate Response: There are a lot of issues currently plaguing our city and while I believe it is …

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Natasha Harper-Madison

I’m not completely opposed to the idea. However we have enough pressing issues before the council to deal with immediately …

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Reedy Macque Spigner III

City of Austin : City Council, District 3

Yes, will reconvene the Charter Revision Commission. Rate your support: 10

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Susana Almanza

I’d also like to task the charter revision commission with drafting language for an independent, citizen run, police watch dog …

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Jessica Cohen

Rate your support: 8

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Justin Jacobson

Yes, the charter revision commission’s charge is to “make recommendations to the Council to improve and enhance transparency and the …

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James Valadez

City of Austin : City Council, District 8

Yes, although I’d say that my main motivation is putting forward the charter amendment to get the City Attorney out …

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Bobby Levinski

City of Austin : City Council, District 9

While I think we need to simplify the ballot language, I do not mean to say that people are too …

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Linda O’Neal

Candidate Response: I am frustrated that many the Charter Revision Commission recommendations are not going to the ballot this November, and would …

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Danielle Skidmore

If the Commission itself is interested in reconvening, I would certainly support providing the Council support to allow that to …

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Kathie Tovo

City of Austin : Mayor

Leslie Pool’s comment in that article is very telling: “…limited bandwidth..” This is the major problem with our system of …

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Travis Duncan

The Charter Revision Commission raised many critical issues that need to be addressed, and I fully support reconvening this group …

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Laura Morrison

I believe very strongly in the citizen’s right to referendum. Rate your support: 10

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Todd Phelps