What specific measures do you propose to meet the state’s growing infrastructure needs (i.e. water, energy, and transportation)?

Texas : Governor

First, we need to stop focusing on harmful, job-killing bills and start paying attention to the issues that truly matter …

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Lupe Valdez

I support eliminating barriers to free market construction and maintenance of infrastructure. We should let market demand and willingness to …

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Mark Jay Tippetts

Texas : Lieutenant Governor

My stance on important issues facing Texas is detailed in my record as the Lt. Governor of Texas.  Please refer …

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Dan Patrick

TXDoT must prioritize TX’s infrastructure results that are fixes rather than patches.  Water is the life-blood of Texas’s agriculture, energy …

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Kerry Douglas McKennon

We have a revenue problem in Texas that we must fix. Otherwise we cannot invest properly in infrastructure. In so …

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Mike Collier