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What policies and approaches will you advocate to promote neighborhood improvement, and avoid neighborhood protectionism, as Austin changes and grows?

City of Austin : City Council, District 1

We have to rely on our citizenry to guide us and lead us.

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Lewis Conway Jr.

I believe it’s important for us to be passionate about our beautiful, rich past, but also pragmatic about our city’s …

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Natasha Harper-Madison

As a community we need to rally and collaborate to find solutions for problems plaguing Austin. Council should concentrate on …

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Reedy Macque Spigner III

I believe my temperament and experience will help me build coalitions and find compromises. As Chair of the Travis County …

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Vincent Harding

City of Austin : City Council, District 3

I believe the work of neighborhood associations could be more deeply honored and engaged by development of an improved framework …

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Amit Motwani

I believe that we can implement smart policy solutions that will improve our neighborhoods while still serving the needs of …

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Sabino “Pio” Renteria

City of Austin : City Council, District 8

We need to better utilize and empower our small area planning (including corridor planning) to get our residents involved in …

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Bobby Levinski

We have an opportunity here. There is a love of neighborhood character throughout Austin that newcomers and old timers both …

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Paige Ellis

I support updating our neighborhood plans and FLUMS to reflect a new land development code. Our current plans were created …

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Rich DePalma

City of Austin : City Council, District 9

My number one priority is serving as a bridge between the neighborhood preservation community and business/affordable housing communities—to ensure that …

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Danielle Skidmore

YES… part of negotiating is that both sides give in a little. If either side refuses to budge, then ultimately …

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Linda O’Neal

City of Austin : Mayor

“First, we must promote the concept of “complete communities” citywide as recommended by the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan. This means …

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Laura Morrison

“- I will meet with all the stakeholders in a neighborhood, including whatever neighborhood associations or groups wish to participate. …

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Steve Adler

“Neighborhoods and residents all over Austin know what projects need to be completed, yet our city has neglected to advance …

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Travis Duncan