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How will you resolve policy issues and cases that come before you when the wishes of some incumbent residents in a neighborhood conflict with the interests of other residents and the larger, city-wide community?

Vincent Harding

City Council, District 1

As former Chair of Travis County Democratic Party, I not only weighed the interest of elected officials, but precinct chairs, Democratic clubs, voters, and non-voters. I think it is important to consider everyone that may be impacted

As a first generation college graduate and someone whom parents were not that engaged in politics, I think my lived experience will help me to have compassion for their position even if they are unable to show up to City Hall for a meeting. I also want to reach out to all residents in the District. I am proud of my work as Chair of the Travis County Democratic Party as we had the highest voter registration percentage ever. Further, I held more community conversations than any previous Chair of the Party and will continue to hold community conversations if I am fortunate enough to be elected.