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What policies will you advocate to accommodate and welcome the full abundance and diversity of people who aspire to live in Austin’s neighborhoods?

Vincent Harding

City Council, District 1

My campaign foundation is built on the phrase, β€œall hands on deck.” I want to help build a coalition of a future Austin with people of all ages, races, and economic statuses.

Austin does not have legal segregation anymore. However, Austin is in fact segregated based on race and economic status. Austin can increase economic integration in two main ways: 1) public affordable housing dollars; 2) code development changes.

Affordable housing dollars can buy land, purchase existing affordable housing properties, build new affordable housing properties, and provide home repairs. Affordable housing in different parts of the city will help to provide economic integration. The City must look at affordable housing dollars as a way to provide low income and affordable housing.

Changes to our land development code to provide greater density on corridors and missing middle housing behind it will provide less expensive housing options than single-family home replacements. While density will create less expensive housing options and provide some additional economic integration, the market is not going to voluntarily create affordable housing without some sort of density bonus.