The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department faces $125 million in deferred maintenance each year, ranging from playground maintenance and aquatics needs to mowing and servicing trash and recycling receptacles. What would be your strategy for addressing this need?

James Valadez

City Council, District 3

Again investments in our parks systems need to keep pace with our cities
growth and we need to have a multifaceted approach to our funding
sources. Budgeting, Bonds & expansion of public private partnerships stick
out to me as the key paths to funding. I would work to recalibrate the park
land dedication fee and strive to better utilize HOT tax resources to aide in
funding needs. We need to work within the strategic outcome of health &
environment and strive to have our funding per person in Austin for parks
reach comparable levels of other cities that are in the top 10 nationally in
parks and green space funding.