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Should Austin city council pass a resolution in favor of state-level single payer (the Healthy Texas Act)?

a. Yes. Although based on the current policy agenda of the state, this would be a purely
symbolic gesture. Frankly, such a resolution would mimic the past behavior of Austin City Council, which is to market ourselves with grand political overtures and progressive rhetoric, while shirking the opportunity to enact meaningful change for Austinites right NOW.
b. Health Care for ALL, NOW — It’s time for us to fully explore and implement an Austin Universal Health Care System. When we adopt the perspective as ourselves being wholly responsible for the health of all 1-2 million people (and growing) in Austin, we simply cannot wait for the state, the county, or the Congress to do nothing (again) while our people suffer and die, and we should especially not lead ourselves on with more empty rhetoric.
Health Summit & Modelling Success — A Universal Health care system can follow a variety of principles from existing successful models from around the world. We can accomplish much by hosting the first Austin Universal Health Care Summit in 2019, wherein leading experts from across the planet share cutting edge philosophies with us, in an open, community engaging manner. One iteration, even compliant with current law and models, is to create a People’s Insurance Cooperative Trust, a new risk pool, or association, of even regionally, several million people. The benefit to forming an independent company, as opposed to a new government office, is the power of the decentralized structure to achieve absolute transparency, accountability, non- corruptibility, cyber-security, and democratically, rank-choice-voting-operated decision making abilities for the group. In this case, the peoples objective is One Plan, Full Access. Meaning: every person pays the same amount of money, ideally as low as possible, and everyone has the same access, which is ALL access. Anything you need, you are covered. Everyone is welcome, no one is turned away. I believe we can get as low as $40/month per person, and have full coverage, zero deductible, and even cover holistic, plant medicine, and of course, preventative medicine. (The key to all of this is nutrition, which is why we’ve announced the most ambitious and attainable strategy for maximum health of all people in Austin: organic produce free for all people, in absolute abundance; free access to vital, structured drinking water; the most accelerated transition to zero-emissions and carbon sequestration.)
c. We need to stop poisoning ourselves. — Our water purification system and our food
supply have major flaws, and are the primary source for poor health outcomes and high medical expenses. We must immediately focus on maximum health for all Children, so we can avoid creating another generation of sick people. Organic Food, no GMOs, no petrochemical and toxic plastics, no heavy metals or nano-tech. It’s important we get serious about our environmental quality, and update our biological understanding, specifically as it relates to epigenetics. The entire planet, all beings, are willing to cooperate; we have a window of opportunity to change course and protect the planet (as a living library) for all. Thankfully, WE HAVE EVERY SOLUTION AVAILABLE TO US.