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What is your position on providing increased funding for retiree health care for current and future City of Austin retired employees? Give specific actions you will take.

Travis Duncan

City Council, District 1

Our plan is the most comprehensive for health care because we cover ALL people fully. Frankly, it’s a disgrace to humanity that we don’t already honor each other in this way, as the most basic human right our tribe secures for each other. So now, here we are in a system that has industrialized vitality-access, forbidden means of basic wellness, stolen resources and then sold them back to us. This is not the way of a healthy tribe. This is a sickness in the minds of people who think they must play a dirty game of extraction and abuse. They are deeply afraid and need our compassion. They are us, and we are interconnected. All of us play a crucial role in the awareness of the whole, and with focused and unified intention, we will manifest an absolutely peaceful and abundant reality. This can change in an instant! There is no limit to the power of love. This is purely about our collective choice, and the opportunity now to do the right thing.
Specifically, we think there’s a smarter way to do health insurance coverage, without even having to change any laws. We can very simply form our own Insurance company, our own association of between 1,000,000-2,000,000 people. A cooperative trust owned equally by all members; independent, decentralized, non-hierarchical, rank-choice-voting, democratically controlled, transparent and fully accountable to the people. Not an entity for profit and extraction, a union of the people to reach maximum wellness for all.
With this company, we could associate by municipality, or regionally, or some other method that may be more effective (all manifestations as born of sovereign creativity), and establish our own risk pool, and make sure we get the best coverage. I believe in the ONE PLAN, FULL ACCESS, ALL PEOPLE method. This simply means that all human beings (and their animal friends…? ☺) are covered by a plan that has one flat price per person, and everyone gets full access to the plan. This covers anything from an antibiotic to brain surgery to plant medicine ceremonies to advanced sonic nerve stimulation to bionic knee replacements, and so on. Everyone. Is. Covered. For. Everything. This approach sets everyone free into no concern, since everyone is always allowed access to the absolute best care. Frankly, we’re just disappointed that we haven’t already figured this out in society, and it’s about time we become a high consciousness species, a very intelligent and powerful maximized version of humanity, which includes securing the basic dignity of shared and universal abundance for all people!
We must allow the access to any and all modalities of health care, as this field is constantly blossoming with new discoveries of effective healing methods. The medical innovators are welcome to Austin to bring their innovations and discoveries. All ideas will be welcome and transparent.
A critical aspect of this whole system approach is the preventative practices that we must adopt ASAP: organic food for all people, vital healthy oxygenated structured water for all people, zero-emissions transportation and air purification measures, 100% renewable energy, restoration of the soil health, removal of the environmental and ecological toxins present in single use/disposable materials, and get serious about overcoming the prohibition of plant medicines and indigenous healing practices. We must allow ourselves to be human and connect with the traditions of the land we call home.