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What is your position on strengthening the defined-benefit pension annuities for current and future City of Austin retired employees? Give specific actions you will take.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the role of mayor, and thank you for the invitation to answer your questions.
I will always speak the truth. This area of defined-benefit pension annuities is not my expertise. I am not a financial services expert. I am a real person who can sympathize with those experiencing economic insecurity. My approach to this issue will be more compassionate than someone perhaps not connected to the economic reality of most, which is to struggle, unlike our incumbents and establishment class. We must assess the impact of lived experience as it relates to making decisions of integrity. The outcomes tell the story, not the rhetoric nor the policy attempts. It’s time for real solutions at the root cause.
I absorb quickly, and I do believe in the expertise of decentralized thought, the hive mind, the cooperative consciousness. My instinct is always to go to the community first, the people who this issue directly impacts, gather insight, listen deeply with heart, understand the lived experiences and conditions directly impacted by the policy, and trust the wisdom of our councils of elders and intuitive awareness about future generations.
Specifically, I am humbling myself to admit what I do not know (which can be helpful to all of us), while acknowledging the gifted among us who have solutions to share. I commit to always expand my humility, always be a student of life and servant to the truth. I commit to be the most open-minded mayor in the history of this country, the most dedicated to the people, the most willing and able to deconstruct and dissolve hierarchy and abandon egoic political trickery. Community is Accountability.

As mayor, I will always decide to increase benefits for human beings. I believe when we invest in people first, from this everything can begin. In fact, our entire platform is to reach the absolute maximum vitality and abundance for every living being NOW, and for the next 777 generations after us. We are historic in this campaign for proposing the complete transcendence of poverty and abandoning of the class system altogether, not by taxation and redistribution or any see-saw, scarcity-based or limited thought pattern; rather, we seek the maximum result always through cooperation and unity consciousness, recognizing the absolute abundance of our planet, and the simple fact that money does nothing, people do everything. All the power resides in our ability to choose love, act to lift each other up, and cooperate in the highest possible form.