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In 2016 Austin voters passed $720 million in transportation bonds of which $137 million was designated for the Local Mobility Program. The Mobility Program areas included sidewalks, safe routes to school, and repair of substandard streets. As an incumbent, what programs did you implement?

We do not see adequate safety for pedestrians and anyone in wheelchairs, bikes, or any non-car mode of transport. It seems there is an extremely slow pace of transportation infrastructure construction due to the lack of creativity and motivation. It’s unfortunately a profit-driven, crony-loyal, planned-obsolesce game of shady public money bids and delayed (if ever) benefits to real people. We must overcome this nonsense and vote for new consciousness across the entire council. Let us be weary of Einstein’s warning on insanity: we mustn’t repeat the same things over and over again and expect a different result. We need to do something completely different.