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November 6, 2018, Austin voters have the opportunity to pass a $925 million bond package which includes $250 million for affordable housing. How do you plan to expand and promote the development of diverse housing options that are affordable for seniors of different income levels?

Our approach to housing is to build only for the maximum vitality of many generations, and the immediate benefit to as many people now. We suggest a full stop on any development that is for a single-generation, private-entity profit. In addition to this, it must be declared that all building of anything from now onwards must be net-zero, built from materials resonant with Earth, with natural air flow solutions, shapes and designs to optimize the human biofield and living experience. All of this and more will far surpass the quality of construction we see anywhere today, and the lifestyle abundance will be felt by every resident.
A core principle to this approach is to acknowledge that under Constitutional law, the current development of single-lifetime, private entity profit violates the sovereign rights of all people living and unborn, for all generations, to share the resources as a collective stewardship (not even ownership). As we establish new understandings of the quantum connectedness of all living systems and aspects of consciousness, we must also recognize that the Earth has the same right to sovereignty as we do, this includes all living beings on Earth. We are interpreting an ancient and indigenous way of living in tribe, while adapting it to the very real challenges of an industrialized and commodified urban population. We must consider the horrendous impact we have environmentally and geologically when we construct such toxic monstrosities, or even single-family districts using the current tainted standards. We must challenge prior right and assert that no individual or single company can control the development of land geologically optimal for millions of people living in the urban areas. This is a right that belongs to people as a whole, who must establish the multi-generational vision as a decentralized, non-hierarchical family of stewards for each other and the earth.
From my perspective, only when we elect me as mayor will we ensure the money from the bond doesn’t go to stuff the pockets of private developers for extractive profiteering. Over the last 10-20 years, affordability has worsened, the environment has been more toxified, and the Greed of the land development industry has uprooted and swallowed people up! This can no longer continue! The buck stops with us! It’s time for NEW ideas, multi-generational unity awareness, and true compassion for all people. When we invest in people, we will all have more profit! It’s not about either/or, it’s about sharing the wealth with everyone. All people deserve to live their absolute maximum potential, and my mission as mayor is to build a system where everyone is truly free and able to become their best self.
We will be certain the money gets to the PEOPLE, to build housing that the Residents own. We must build the most magnificent people’s housing, that has no rent or utility costs, because we employ smart design and construction. There are variety of methods of cooperatively funding these projects through the option of regenerative investment from residents, local investors, contributed labor and/or resources, and integration into the cooperative labor network. We can focus our collective energy where the greatest societal need is: housing. The ultimate goal is for every person to have a place to call home permanently, without having to worry about any expenses to live there. Residents can essentially hold a life-long-secure lease over a house/apartment, a lifetime stewardship grant, with the option to pass down generationally, if family so chooses. This idea of shared ownership over many generations, plus the absolutely true and undisputable reality that there are enough resources for 10 million people to live in Austin rent-free, utility bill free, with no cost of living, and maximum opportunity for everyone to manifest their dreams. Not saying we will see that many in our lifetime, but let’s plan a system that lays a solid framework for our children’s children to build on. What better gift to give ourselves in the present, and give to the future than to rid our society of bills. It’s so simple it makes you angry when you wonder why we haven’t already done it. The whole premise is to divorce access-to-Earths-abundant-resources from the need for a scarcity-central-banking-currency. This is a transition process toward de-commodifying the costs of Water, Food, Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Education, Telecommunications, and shift the business of Capital Meritocracy Money Markets into the realm of Creativity, Innovation, and Entertainment. With this plan we can literally turn our city into completely free innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and incredibly happy people!
For now, we must remain focused on step one, which is to assign the Density Zones for the construction of Vertical Freedom Towers (resident-owned, net-zero, no living costs) and the designation of Right to Return Single Family Sovereign Tax Free Land Zones, which incorporate build-to-own programs, cooperative labor volunteering through incentivized network, and the complete master planning of connected and happy communities, custom homes, and of course, net-zero earth-resonant biofield- illuminating design.
We must make the correct choices across the entire city council to ensure the trend of favoring profit over people continues. The council sadly has a consistent record of selling out the people for private profit and political gain. Please do deep listening to your intuition, your spiritual self, or whatever else gives you clarity. Remember that things are not always as they seem, so sharply listen to the heart of the people. Keep an open mind and put the wellness of all life over the concern of ego. The time is now for us to become the heart driven warriors of love to guide the way for humanity to unite and live peacefully.