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What is your position on providing a cost of living increase for City of Austin retirees? Give specific actions you will take.

Travis Duncan

City Council, District 1

I will always support the idea of raising the living conditions for all people, especially retirees who have given their life in service to our community. Of course, we value all people, and as the city is indeed a corporate entity, we have the moral obligation to keep the livability of our retired public servants relative to the rising cost of living. We must ensure that ALL retired people have every resource they need to be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.
I do believe there is greatest potential in the elimination of living costs. This is indeed possible through maximum cooperation and transitional incentives. Our entire plan is designed around liberation from the madness of being the only species who pays to live on Earth. Given we are not yet in a truly free paradigm, we need a transition model. This is a system we all need to retire into, and we have just enough time to build it.
We are presenting the formula to multi-generational UNITY and the incentivized cooperation of all people. We will utilize regenerative investment and abundant mentality to realize a transcendence of see- saw social services. There is more than enough abundance for the people to cooperatively share, and we must focus on the resource abundance, rather than the illusion of lack that money poisons us with. Our primary power is in ourselves, the people. We are capable of creating money, creating wealth, from our own power being illuminated. This is why we must develop ALL people in Austin, regardless of age or any demographic, everyone has a vital role to play in the maximum success of our tribe! We will invest in every single person to realize their ultimate purpose, their gift, their passion, and contribute that highest expression of self-love as an enhancement of our collective experience. When we do this, we exponentially increase our probabilities of success as a tribe, since all 1-2 million of us will be innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, visionaries, charity leaders, and solutions builders for the world. (And I believe that retired people are capable of a great deal! We need your light to shine!)
The best part about our plan is that it benefits all people long term and RIGHT NOW. Literally day one we establish a cooperative network of community projects, any and all residents are given incentives to volunteer minimal time and energy to the project. For example, in exchange for 3-5 hours of volunteer work per week, we can offer free electricity and tax reductions for those who contribute to one of the projects. Frankly, any incentive is worth developing a system like this. Our cooperative network of community projects and cooperative businesses will strengthen our bond as a tribe, as working together for a common good has proven to be a strong factor in maximizing health outcomes, as well as healing amidst mental illness, and the most innovative designs. This system empowers our community to accomplish more than we could have ever thought possible in our current paradigm. Imagine any person, on the weekends, before their other daily activities, volunteer 3-5 hours at a community project, and in exchange they pay no utility bill. That savings can mean the world to family struggling to get by! Now imagine 10% of Austinites, roughly 100,000 people, volunteering at projects all across the city, including by not limited to: every-neighborhood organic farming, construction of free water bottle fill up stations across the city, the construction of transportation infrastructure, town hall and civic engagement events, creation of profit-sharing businesses including arts, crafts, inventions & solutions, and so much more!
No worries about any physical, mental, or spiritual pre-condition; everyone is valuable and will be engaged no matter what, of course, if they want to! This entire system is voluntary, and the incentives can be fluid and locally derived. What’s important here is the concept of a unified and incentive volunteer network that fulfills the advancement of vital facets of our critical needs, and therefore building parallel sovereignty for the people. The more who volunteer, the more gets accomplished. The more accomplished, the sooner we don’t pay rent, utility bills, groceries, household items, and the ultimate potential of profit-sharing through cooperative businesses, and using this city-wide wealth to pay off debts, eliminate taxes, and invest in more expansive & regenerative systems for our community.
Now, it’s important to note that we can pay for the free electricity by utilizing more efficient renewable technology that all politicians have failed to implement. We are here from the future, the future is NOW. We have quantum energy technology, more powerful than anything we use currently, by using less acreage, at dramatically lower cost, and completely immune to any Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) threat to our electrical grid. I am here with the solutions, let’s take the step, Vote for Innovation that Benefits ALL People!