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What will you do to implement the Austin Energy Resource, Generation and Climate Protection Plan to 2027, which was adopted by the City Council in Oct 2017?

The plan is weak, misguided, counterintuitive, and deceptive to the people.
We have the capability to become 100% renewable by 2022, and as mayor I will be passionately committed to accomplishing this imperative, and the exporting and sharing of our knowledge with the entire planet. We must become international partners in saving our species.
We simultaneously can become immune to any sort of Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. This risk is currently a grave and constant national security threat, as any dated hydrogen bomb detonated above us in the sky, or a solar storm, could cause a shockwave of EMP to hit our electrical grid, which would cause the elimination of our water supply, vital energy systems, food delivery, and transportation. Our preparedness is dangerously low, and it’s time we get serious about protecting public safety in the capital of Texas, the great city of Austin. I vow to uphold this sacred duty to protect public safety.
This is all possible by utilizing quantum technology, that is dramatically cheaper, requires less acreage, is more efficient and powerful, and is more ecologically safe than solar, wind, and of course fracked gas, coal, and oil.
This also must take into consideration the transference of ownership of the energy and grid infrastructure from the state to the people, as to over time eliminate the cost of utilities altogether. This is why we must not sign any PPAs with generation companies that don’t resonate with the ultimate mission of full acceleration to 100% renewable, and fully owned by the people in transition.