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How will you ensure the implementation of the Age-Friendly Austin Action Plan, passed by the Austin City Council on November, 13, 2016?

In addition to the pre-established accountability measures, I recommend the creation of an additional body of elders in our city structure. I propose a Council of 12 Elders. Perhaps this council can begin as an oversight body, like an independent council for community engagement. I am in support of giving this council of 12 a representative vote on the council. In addition to this, I propose a Council of 12 Youth. These new councils would be selected by the elders and children respectively. These two new seats on the council would bring our total council votes to 13, and although we would need a lot of details to be worked out together, I would love to expand the engagement and oversight in more of a traditional way, and of course engage our youth! This will empower our children to vote and become more civic minded at a young age. Perhaps the Council of Elders could meet on Wednesdays, make their selections, as a form of recommendation to the city council, who meet on Thursday, and then the Youth Council could make the final selections on Friday afternoons/evenings. This would engage our people in the process on such a deeper level.
In addition to this and many other ideas to spawn a Radical Awakening in Civic Engagement, we of course will reach maximum vitality for all through our cooperative network of people-owned resource abundance.
I am someone who deeply respects our elders, and I truly want the best for all people. Too often do I find elders in our community on the streets, working tasking jobs just to stay afloat, when they should be free to be amongst their community, living their days in respect and dignity among their peers, family, and loved ones, with freedom to explore themselves fully for soul enrichment. I am here for you!