What policies will you advocate to address the increasingly unaffordable housing, transportation, and utility costs that are economically segregating our neighborhoods?

Our Contributionism plan gives those most in need the opportunity to receive themselves of economic burdens immediately, while building equity in a collective network of abundance. With this model, anyone has the opportunity to obtain housing, transportation, and resources without the need for money.

Since the commodification of resources is the fundamental problem causing inequity and economic segregation, this is the only known method to address the root causes. Over the course of 10 years, we will build a system of UNIVERSAL RESOURCE ACCESS, so that Water, Food, Housing, Transportation, Education, HealthCare, Telecommunications, and Energy are all FREE. This Freedom will have been Earned by the cooperative effort of all those who contribute, and is a truly sustainable and resilient system, as it does not require taxation to function, while using the most advanced technology and automation to liberate us from mundane tasks. With Universal Resource Access, we will live in a city of 1,000,000+ entrepreneurs, artists, scholars, and inventors. No one will have to work a job just to stay alive, we only need three hours a week of contributed volunteer labor toward the entire ecosystem of community projects, which grants full access to the entire network, the tribe off abundance. The people will become the Solution-Makers for the entire world, solving our massive problems of pollution, poverty, hunger, war and so on. By liberating ourselves from the wage clock, we eliminate poverty and inequality, and increase our probabilities of seeding the realization of genius in our own city.