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Austin DSA has come out in favor of a $300 Million Affordable Housing bond to help combat displacement- do you support this bond proposal? Additionally, what other measures would you take as a council member to help promote affordability and housing Access?

a. Yes. I support the housing bond. It will pass.
b. How will the money be spent? — This is the key question. As noted above and in
other offerings, it’s clear that with our service in the role of mayor, we will undergo the MOST transparent, accountable, community driven, people-empowering bond allocation process in history. This is indisputable. The point here is being proactive in selecting the correct city council members who will not sabotage the process for personal gain. By utilizing decentralized consensus technologies, such as blockchain/holochain, we have the power to create a truly public, non-corruptible, decentralized process of resource allocation and implementation. When we give the power to the people and make the entire process transparent, there is literally no way to corrupt it.
c. Profit-Sharing development – It’s worth noting again that no construction worker,
architect, designer, real estate related worker, should feel afraid of what a new model can bring. When we work together, the people finally have access to housing, AND the people who make the housing a reality will be better compensated and more valued for their efforts. When the PEOPLE are the client, the People incentivize cooperation and compensate with heart-centered gratitude. Need we compare this to how construction workers are currently treated?
d. Combine with budget spending. – It’s worth noting that $300 million dollars can stretch
very far when used in the correct way. This amount will likely need to be supplemented by actual commitments in the budget for housing development. It’s time to make this a priority. We can likely save 4% or more with an audit process and shifting of city priorities moving forward. We must consider whole-system, holistic re-prioritization.
e. Don’t get in the habit of taxes. Find creative ways to circumvent. – The long term
goal is to develop a whole system that eliminates our need for taxation while delivering maximum quality of life for ALL. We must keep this in mind when developing, as there are many models of constructing revenue-generating developments, profit that the people share and use to reinvest in more dual-purpose (community benefiting + profit generating) projects. (again, imagine the People’s Fairmont, for example)
f. “Radical” Earth Protection – It’s quite insane that actually protecting the earth is
radical to our society, but here we are folks. We have the methods, the tools, the resources, & the knowledge to build in resonance with the planet, yet we seem to lack the wisdom to actually do it. I am here to serve as the mayor, so we act with wisdom. Frankly, this is what Austin has always voted for, just never actualized or followed through on. If we have compassion and don’t assume, we can forgive that our current and previous leadership is innocently ignorant to true earth protection. We must not focus on why we’ve made bad choices. We must focus on how to make good choices NOW.