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How can the city support affordable, safe, and convenient childcare options?

a. The best care is from healthy and present parents – We must address the root
causes of why childcare is a need, why parents are forced to be away from their children, all in the name of bare survival in this broken system. Obviously we’re starting the transition process toward a better system, so the need is here desperately, yet still it’s important to acknowledge and keep our focus on the ultimate issue and solving root causes.
b. The village raises the healthiest children – No child should be without a variety of
diverse and inspiring mentors. It is very helpful for human social development, and sense of purpose, for children to experience learning from a variety of sources, not always their parents, and especially in strong cooperation and creativity among other children. The best childcare would be a daycare network of community led early child vitality centers. We can incentivize a cooperative system of people to assemble resources, buildings, and support for these daycares. For example, Any building given 10+ year leases to become daycare centers, property owners will get an equal term of complete property tax exemption and free electricity at their residence or other comparable properties. Cooperation with universities and educational excellence training centers can provide full time opportunities, and other personnel can be locally incentivized citizens with the qualifications, experience, and aptitude for healthy child care. Perhaps even companies may sponsor the funds to provide the minimal full time staff to manage the volunteer, community led personnel of caretakers. In this incentivized volunteering and cooperative contribution based lens, we could achieve the highest form of childcare for no virtual upfront cost, and of maximum benefit to our health as a community.
c. Affordability needs Context when it comes to childcare – It’s a tragedy that the most essential imperative of our species has become commodified and industrialized into a skilled profession traded on a cut-throat market, rather than serving as our most crucial and uninhibited duty toward the most vital outcome. So then, it’s not really about how many Federal Reserve Notes does it cost to raise our children, it’s about what is the true cost to humanity by continuing to neglect, sterilize and institutionalize them (ourselves)? This fractal mirroring extends itself to ‘higher’ learning, with a manifested generation of misguided and numb debt-servants. Despite this mass confusion, there is still hope.
d. Education is a lifelong pursuit available to us all – we have a responsibility to make
educational access the bedrock of our society; deeply imbedded in the creative, innovative, and operational activities that make the society thrive and function, evolve and grow. Our education is most stimulated through activity, and most productive when aligned with our passions. Early childhood experience is mostly about being exactly who you are, and developing a deep sense of love and connection with the planet, being asked questions by caring elders, not being instructed or molded, rather being guided to discover truth for themselves, as per the guidance of the Earth. Adolescence is a time to challenge ourselves with versatile and rigorous understanding of physics, mathematics, languages, civics, history, philosophy, spirituality and arts. By the time we are teenagers, or perhaps before, we have a tremendous amount of energy to contribute real innovative value to the world, yet our current educational system holds people behind, not allowing them to simply be where they are called. Our next great breakthrough in physics could very well come from a 12 year old, if only they were to be allowed in the lab apprenticing with experts. This system should be fluid, allowing any of us to go where we want to learn, and learn from masters through action, and become masters ourselves. Once we feel the desire to move on and contribute elsewhere, we can learn anywhere else.