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What is your strategy to end cash bail in Austin?

a. Cash Bail is a literal example of the rich having a legal advantage over the poor. Thus, this system of so-called justice is not justice at all. It’s imbalanced, biased and exploitative.
b. Loans for Cash Bail prey on the most vulnerable. Usury is a crime and at the core of problems with the financial industry. Fiat lending is driving us mad, and when high interest loans to bail oneself from jail so one can return home to work out of necessity to feed ones children, the collective tears shed of this multiplied and widely experienced reality.
c. Some regulation could likely help, but must be recognized accurately as a band aid. We must address the root violation of rights and exploitation of vulnerability.
d. Whole System Justice Changes – This is the area where regional cooperation is essential. We need the entire system of justice to be reformed, revised, re-established as to address the injustice of the past and strive to heal any damaged entities, as well as build a completely new system that honors all life with tough love and compassion.