How can the City better work with Austin’s tech community to bring innovative approaches to civic challenges?

Listen Deeply (actually) – The mobile voting app, the constant town halls, the maximum accessibility and transparency with accountability and trust mechanisms are crucial so everyone can always have their truth heard and honored by the city at large. The mayor can play a key role in stimulating this new culture of service which will benefit all people greatly.

Don’t Fear New Ideas – We mustn’t ever give in to fear. If someone says something that sounds crazy, it might possibly be an opportunity for us to learn something new.

The open source models, the decentralized tech, the potential of cooperative innovation networks, the development of an Austin Coin cryptocurrency, the freedom access to plant medicine healing, and the Contributionism community Unity projects will all contribute to the betterment of ALL people in our city. It’s time we assert that EVERY person deserves an amazing life, and we have the ability to create that together.