What do you see as the City’s responsibility toward addressing the digital divide in Austin, and what steps would you take to bridge that divide?

FREE WIFI – We need to build a network of mobile communications towers and provide the fastest, most innovative FREE internet to ALL people. This is ESSENTIAL to accelerating us into an age of liberation for all people, as we need everyone to have unlimited access to everything. Because we are currently limited by made up scarcity around the concept of data plans, we have an obvious inequity between those who can afford unlimited internet and those who cannot.

Technology Labs– We can use some of the library bond money to create technology learning labs at every public library and other places around the city, and utilize the cooperative Contributionism network of creative projects to fuel the mentorships and most optimized use of these labs. The point is to make sure that any person can create something from nothing, with full ability to maximize their unique genius. Everyone deserves access to the most advanced technology, and this access will be crucial while we build our Universal Resource Access and liberate ourselves fully