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With Council’s decision to end CodeNEXT, how do you envision moving forward to update Austin’s land development code?

It’s useful to clearly distinguish the exact problem with the CodeNEXT process: We expected 11 people to hold a binary vote on an extremely long and nuanced code rewrite, based on market assumptions and extremely low community input. Moreover, we should not attempt to establish arbitrary regulations with the expectation of them universally meetings our needs across a period of time, rather, we should always remain fluidly adaptable to the most urgent need and updated information.

Before we do anything else, we need to enact voting reform and become radically better listeners as a city. I pledge to host 100+ days of town halls (6-8 hours) directly after inauguration, a listening tour across every neighborhood of the city, beyond the buzzer, to listen deep with the heart, engage in real human connection, and learn the most contemporary pulse of the people. Our goal is to give abundant opportunity for all 1,000,000 people in Austin to meet and have one on one time with me and our collective team. After this initial tour, we will continue these at least 2 days of every week. This, in combination with a Radical Awakening in Civic Engagement, I promise we will achieve 100% voter turnout by 2020. The reason all of this is crucial to the land development code rewrite is that is must be informed by investing in the people’s maximum vitality and must allow each citizen to fully express their maximum sovereignty while coexisting with all expressions in harmony. We need to have absolute respect for total freedom, which inherently acknowledges the whole as One deserving sovereign protection as well.

Our solution to the land development code (which the city could have been doing this entire time) is One by One. Let’s find the most urgent and sensitive areas for improvement in our building code and find full-sovereignty consensus on them, one by one. We can much more simply agree on one point at a time, rather than lump every topic together. (Someone A may be mad at section X in Version 1 and happy with section X in Version 2, while Someone B is mad with section Y in version 3, while happy with X from Version 1…This is the madness we’ve been undergoing.) We must lay one brick perfectly at a time.

Sadly, there are three key areas everyone has left out of the debate:

  1. Median Family Income – MFI framing of the conversation is a crime against humanity. MFI presupposes that because a person does not have access to United States Federal Reserve Note Currency Dollars, they do not deserve a high quality of life. This sick belief system is morally outrageous, and factually inaccurate. Currency is, by design, a scarce resource. Housing, however, is an abundant resource, since it is derived from the Earth’s resources, and subsequently organized by human beings. Once we decide to become a species of integrity and start from a frame that ALL people deserve an abundant shelter, simply in accordance with this resource FACT, then when we come to the table to put the pieces together we will find new possibilities never previously considered. Since when did we become so confused to think that one person’s wealth objectives can unilaterally decide the fate of the majority, or anyone, simply based on scarcity-market factors? This hole discussion is a farce perpetuated by the real-estate and lending industries. What they fail to realize is that they can still make money while ALL people live in absolute abundance; Scarcity Mentality leads to Scarcity Investments; they are scared and they need our compassion, our forgiveness, and our creativity. It’s frankly disgusting to hear people speak about MFI as if it’s some grand egalitarian solution, as if the market is the ONLY solution to human beings having amazing quality of life. Here’s one thing for sure: we can count on the rest of the world to continue this madness, and I am here now co- creating with the voters of Austin: Finally make the choice to become a different type of city, a city of LOVE, of infinite possibilities, of solutions that benefit EVERYONE.
  2. Land Development is the People’s Right – I will propose the People’s Sovereign Municipal Zone Protections for Sovereign People’s Trust Authority Ordinance. This ordinance simply acknowledges the rights granted to the people as per Article 2 of the Texas Constitution, which asserts People give original authority to State and have authority to adjust the State to match the sovereign rights of the people, at any time; the 9th amendment of the US Constitution gives all people protections to assert any sovereign right not previously enumerated. Since the State of Texas, incorporated, charters the City of Austin, incorporated, and the people, natural, give the original authority to the State to grant authority to the City, the people have the authority over the State and the City, and the City remains with an obligation to uphold the Constitution of the United States, of Texas, and the City Charter of Austin, which must include the superseding rights of the people to have sovereignty on the land and to have access to the Earth’s abundance, and any entity in violation of that abundance is in violation of those rights of all people. Since all the People are the Earth, any violation to the Earth is a violation to the People. The City ordinance would simply assert that the people have the right to form their own independent, cooperative & full-sovereignty method of asserting authority to develop land for the protection of universal resource abundance across all generations of all Beings. This could be considered a People’s Trust, for example. The city can enter into cooperative protective partnership with people’s trust, and ensure that despite the confusion or shirking of responsibility by the State, the City will do our duty to the people and planet.
  3. Foundational Understanding of Development Behavior – ALL new construction must be net-zero, carbon-sequestering, rain-water capturing, cyclical smart water reuse, incorporated living elements, natural air flow HVAC systems, sunlight efficient, and built to serve the long-term maximization of optimal human wellness. No new gas lines, no new inefficient and environmentally toxic materials. While this does seem unrealistic to some, be aware of that false belief system, and know our assertions are very reasonable. When human beings have the technology to build in the absolute smartest way possible, why would we not do it? Why should we allow a single day further of belligerent inefficiency and recklessness to continue when we can choose to be responsible today? I don’t believe it should take us years to start acting on what we know to be true. Our land development code should literally adapt and improve after every single building we create, as to incorporate the unique and subtle lessons we learn from every new build. The problem with making broad regulations that last for a series of years is that the circumstances are changing constantly; we must always be the most active listeners, nimbly adjusting to the most resonant wave.